Monday, August 5, 2013

Reading Period 1: Supplemental Posts / Lessons

Here are some of the daily assignments and topics we discussed via our Google+ Community:

1. A little acting challenge for you: Use the phrase “It will be easy for me to compass this, although thou mayest think that it will not be easy.” at least once this week. As an alternative, use this: “He will not give it of his own free will, and thou wilt not be able to compel him.” If you can use BOTH, you will get a bonus in our first Quizbowl game at HSoBX, but you have to give the details of the situation in which you used it. Write about it in a comment in this post. 

2. Give an example of one of the boasts you liked from the list of people in Arthur’s court. For example, one man could hear an ant rise from her nest fifty miles away, even if he were buried underground. Then create a boast for someone you know -- a sibling or parent, friend, etc. 

3. Were there any paragraphs in the story that you skimmed? Perhaps whole pages or screens? Why did you skim them? What purpose do you think these sections served in the story? Remember that someone had to slavishly copy this whole text by hand in order to record every word. Why include these parts, when they don’t add much to the plot? 

4. Find an example of something in the story that we would never do today, either because it is morally wrong or just not customary. 

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