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Reading Period 7: September 11-17: Shakespeare Sonnets


This week we'll read about Shakespeare and his sonnets, pages 164-173. We will also skip back a little bit and read the Spenser and Sidney sonnets, pages 154-159, making 11 sonnets in all. 



Create a full color illustration for one of the sonnets in the book. Can be any sonnet, pages 152-169. Incorporate the text of the sonnet into the illustration. Use as your inspiration the book Shakespeare's Love Sonnets, illustrated by Caitlin Keegan. 


Write 250 words connecting the sonnet form to the Elizabethen concept of the "Great Chain of Being." Why did Elizabethans love order and harmony? How does the "artificiality" of the sonnet form fit in with the general Elizabethan worldview? (See p 138-139)


Your turn! Write a sonnet in the English form: three quatrains and a couplet. abab, cdcd, efef, gg


The quiz is OPEN BOOK! The material covered by this quiz appears in your textbook on pages 164-165, in the video on Shakespeare's page on Biography.com, and in the five pages of text on that site. Here is the link. You must watch the video and read the text of the video before you take the quiz. It's my recommendation that you read the material, open up the quiz and read over the questions, then start the video and take the quiz using the pause button.

1.What was Shakespeare's education?  
A. Attended university at Oxford.
B. Educated in a local grammar school.
C. Educated at a monastery and divinity school.
D. Educated at Eton and Cambridge.
E. Attended a trade school for actors and theater managers.

2.How do we know that by 1592 Shakespeare was in London, working as an actor and playwright?  
A. In that year he started his theater company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men
B. In that year he sold his house in Stratford.
C. In that year another playwright rival wrote something critical of him.
D. In that year, the plague broke out.
E. In that year, he published a play: The Comedy of Errors.

3.Why did Shakespeare's acting company change its name from The Lord Chamberlain's Men to The King's Men?  
A. James I came to the throne in 1603 and took over the company as his own.
B. The Lord Chamberlain died.
C. Queen Elizabeth demanded it.
D. The Lord Chamberlain's Men was too long to fit on playbills.
E. They admitted women into the company.

4.Refer to the list of Shakespeare plays in your textbook to answer this question. Which of these plays did Shakespeare NOT write?  
A. Love's Labor Lost
B. The Merchant of Venice
C. Julius Caesar
D. Henry VIII
E. Dido Queen of Carthage

5.What was the first publication of 36 of his plays called?  
A. Shakespeare's Greatest Hits
B. The First Folio
C. 36 Plays for Elizabethans
D. Dramatis Personae
E. The First Collection

6.In the textbook, Shakespeare's plays are divided into three types: tragedy, comedy, and romance. But in the video, the scholar says Shakespeare's plays can be separated into what four types?  
A. Mystery, romance, science fiction, horror.
B. Historical comedy, historical tragedy, comedy, tragedy.
C. Morality plays, romances, tragedies, and comedies.
D. Histories, comedies, tragedies, and tragicomedies.
E. Histories, horror, romance, comedy.

7.What was the name of Shakespeare's son who died at age 11?  
A. Harnet
B. Macneth
C. Macbeth
D. Hamlet
E. Hamnet

8.Why did Shakespeare dedicate his poems "Venus and Adonis and "The Rape of Lucrece" to the Earl of Southampton?  
A. Because he was trying to entice the Earl to come to the theater.
B. Because he needed money, and the Earl was his patron.
C. Because he and the Earl were friends in London.
D. Because his rival, Christopher Marlowe, had dedicated poems to him.
E. Because the Earl was from Shakespeare's hometown, Stratford.

9.Shakespeare and his partners opened a theater on the south bank of the Thames river. What was it called?  
A. The King's House
B. The Rose
C. The Friar
D. The Globe
E. The Bob and Wheel

10.Page 4 of the essay on Biography.com brings up questions about the actual authorship of the plays attributed to Shakespeare. Which of these is NOT a reason that people suspect that William Shakespeare from Stratford did not write the plays?  

A. The language style of his letters does not match the style of his plays.
B. He only had a grammar school education.
C. Official records of him don't mention him being an actor or playwright.
D. There are similarities between his poems and the works of Edward de Vere.
E. He hadn't been exposed to aristocratic society.


Next week in class, or via email or Google+ before midnight on Monday the 16th, please tell me two things:

1. On which longer work you wish to base your presentation. 
2. On which topic you wish to write your paper. All your information on the paper can be found here along with a million topic suggestions. 

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