Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reading Period 7: Supplemental Posts / Lessons

1. Guess what? We’re all going to memorize a sonnet. Me too. 
A. Pick a sonnet. Any between pages 152 and 169. 
B. Research memorizing strategies. Here’s a Wikihow about it -- does this help? Or no? What memorizing strategies have helped you in the past? There are even sonnet flashcards. Google it.
C. Leave a comment saying what sonnet you are going to memorize, and what memory strategies you’re going to use. 

2. Read about The Mystery of Shakespeare’s Identity -- what do you think? Here’s the transcript of a PBS show on the same topic.

3. Watch this short video on understanding meter in the sonnets, then take YOUR sonnet that you've chosen to memorize and divide it into "feet." Write the first two lines in a comment, with forward slashes to indicate the feet: 

4. Watch this short video on identifying rhyme scheme in sonnets. Now locate all the rhymes in YOUR sonnet that you've chosen to memorize. List all the rhyming words in your sonnet in a comment below. 

5. What Shakespeare would have sounded like back in Shakespeare's day -- when prove and love rhymed... 

6. Lots of people have put Shakespeare’s sonnets to music… check out this video of Rufus Wainwright singing Sonnet 29. For extra British Literature relevance, the images in the video are from a movie version of Pride and Prejudice. 

7. Watch this video, an episode of The History of English, titled “Shakespeare.” This video talks about the way Shakespeare’s writing influenced the language. 

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