Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reading Period 12: Supplemental Posts / Lessons

Here's the stuff we addressed on our Google+ Community this week:

1. Watch this video on life in the Restoration era court. Then answer these questions from the first half of the video, and come up with one more question from the second half of the video. Subsequent commenters should answer the new question above and add one of your own. 

A) What was the quickest way to the top for a woman in the court of Charles II?
B) What was the name of Barbara Villiers’ home when she was married to Roger Palmer?
C) Why was Barbara Villiers sent to tell Charles II to come back from France?
D) Describe the way the narrator dressed to illustrate the Puritan costume
E) Where did Charles II get his enlightened ideas about mistresses and court life?
F) Name one element common to all the portraits of Charles II’s mistresses.
G) Catherine of Braganza brought Charles II money and power, as his wife. What social institution did she bring to England? 
H) What poisonous chemical did women put on their faces as makeup?

2. Read about the Great Fire of London on the web site of the London Fire Brigade.
A) Who was credited with figuring out how to put out the fire? 
B) Which picture did you find most interesting and why? 
C)In a sidebar, the site tells us that what spies were suspected of starting the fire?

3. Stretch your Google-fu, and name three plays written by Dryden.

4. True or False? Samuel Pepys is pronounced "Samuel Peeps." 

5. Play the game, The Great Fire of London

6. Read about the Plague of 1665.
A) What caused the plague?
B) What employment opportunities did the plague present to Londoners? 
C) How did the fire in the following year actually help the situation?

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