Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reading Period 17: Supplemental Posts / Lessons

From our Google+ Community:

Watch the movie "Miss Austen Regrets" which is about Jane Austen's life. мιѕѕ αυѕтєη Rєgrєтѕ - Part 1 of 8. If you click on that link, you'll be able to see the whole playlist which includes all parts of the movie. Here are a few questions for you. Each number reflects the part of the video in which the answer can be found.

1: When the clergyman tells Jane she is "very clever, I'm sure" do you think that is a compliment or an insult?
2. The maze and ribbon game is a symbol. For what?
3. Why does Jane's brother discourage her from "writing for money"?
4. "All I want is to be a girl and be pretty and be loved." Do you think this is an irrational statement? Wrong? Right? Stupid? Naive? How does it make you feel toward Fanny when she says this?
5. Paraphrase: "What strange creatures we are. As soon as we become sure of a man's attachment, we become indifferent." 
5A. What do you think Jane means when she says her canvas is so small, two inches wide, on which she works with so small a brush?
6. What does it mean for Jane that she is "allowed" to dedicate her next book to the Prince Regent?
7. Jane's mother says she's "hardly like a woman at all" because she doesn't know "which end of a baby is up." Do you think that all women should be skilled with babies? You may feel like the correct answer is automatically "no" because you've been raised properly and understand that women should be seen as more than just child-care-givers. But examine your opinions as seriously as you can and think about your answer. 
7A. "How could I have written if we'd been married? All the effort of mothering." Do you think that Jane Austen would have said that women are correct to give up the pursuit of a job for their children? 
8. True or false: Rich is just another word for safe. 
8A. Do you think Cassandra was right to try and burn Jane Austen's letters? 

Read “Janeites: The Curious American Cult of Jane Austen” Do you think this is a fandom that you’d want to participate in? Why or why not? Under what circumstances would you participate in a Jane Austen event?

Visit this Jane Austen fan site, “The Republic of Pemberly.” At the site, find the following 1. Three titles of fan-written sequels to Pride and Prejudice. 2. What’s currently happening right now in Chicago, IL, related to Jane Austen? 3. What is the “Austenuations” message board about?

WEEKEND CHALLENGE: Write a letter to someone by hand. You don't have to use a fountain pen, but use a pen and paper to correspond with someone. Bring the letter to class for candy and a stamp which you can use to mail it at the post office. 

Flex your Google Fu! Here are four things from this week's reading assignment that might make you go "Hmm" unless you can Google up an explanation:

1. What are "draughts"? The apothecary promised to bring some to Jane when she was sick at Netherfield.
2. What is the card game "loo"?
3. What is the card game "whist"? 
4. Mary Bennet is accomplished in that she can make "extracts." What is making an extract? What are "extracts" in this context? 

Here's a book that's coming out in 4 days from a major publisher, who claims "With warmth, wit, and infinite charm Pamela Mingle brings to the page Pride and Prejudice's reserved and awkward Mary Bennet and proves that there is always room for another Austen spin-off when it's this good." What do you think? Fandom is fine, but should writers be able to "spin-off" from other writers' work?

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