Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hello Parents!

We are less than three weeks from the start of class, and there are a few arrangements that we need to take care of before we begin.

1. Buy the textbook. We will be using Adventures in Literature, Pegasus Edition. There are many copies available used on Amazon at the link provided.

2. Sign your child up for Google+ and email me a link to the profile. When I have a link to a profile I can invite him or her to be a member of our Google+ Community for the class. Only students and I will be members of this community -- parents may look over shoulders or communicate with me via email.

3. Log your child in to QuizStar with his or her login and password as instructed in my email or on the Google+ Community.

4. Read through the pages of this blog at the links above and email me with any questions.

Class begins on July 31. Parents are my co-teachers. Each student will have an individual page with grades and record-keeping that only he or she and his or her parent and I can see. This should appear in your Google Drive -- please let me know if you cannot find it. If your student needs to miss a week because of travel, camp, illness, or just a particularly busy week, he or she will get an automatic A on the weekly assignments for that reading period. The parents will be the judge of when this is necessary, but I would advise giving no more than 4 during the 20 weeks of the semester. Let me know if there are extenuating circumstances and let me know in advance if possible when weeks will be missed.