Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reading Period 32: April 23-29: E.M. Forster


Read the historical section about the 20th century in your textbook, p 750-773.
Read about E.M. Forster and read "The Celestial Omnibus."
Read A Room With a View, chapter 1.
Read A Passage to India, chapters 1 and 2.


Art Connection: 

Create an illustration from the first chapter of A Passage to India. Use watercolors or colored pencil to enhance your illustration. You may need to look up certain words or phrases, or look up what Neem trees are, or what the Malabar Hills would have looked like.

History Connection: 

Read this article, The New Woman, and write 250 words about the changing role of women in English society, comparing the Edwardian period to the previous Victorian period. You can bring in other sources if you like -- there are several listed at the bottom of the article.

Writing Connection: 

After reading "The Celestial Omnibus," write your own story where a child and an adult both get transported through an odd means of travel to a heaven and have different experiences. The heaven of E.M. Forster's story is a literary heaven, but you could write about an artist heaven, a gamer heaven, a chef's heaven, etc.


The quiz covers the historical info on the 20th century found on pages 759-773.

1. What have been some of the social and economic gains in British life during this century?
2. Why has Britain's position in world politics declined?
3. Which poet is most closely associated with literary symbolism?
4. Why did many young writers turn from public affairs in the years following World War I?
5. What was the most significant idea of the Modernist movement?
6. What were the immediate causes for the rise of fascism between the two world wars?
7. What severe economic problems has Britain faced since World War II?
8. What has replaced the Empire?
9. Why were certain writers of the 1950s called "Angry Young Men"?
10. What name was given to the group of postwar poets who responded to the modern world with order and clarity?

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