Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reading Period 34: May 7-13: D.H. Lawrence

Hey kid, listen to this!

"Rocking Horse Winner" in your textbook.
Illustrated timeline of D.H. Lawrence
The Rainbow Chapter 8, "The Child"
The Rainbow Chapter 9, "The Marsh and the Flood."

If you like Lawrence, the other famous short story he wrote that you frequently see popping up in anthologies is called "The Odour of Chrysanthemums." But it's not assigned.


Choose ONE from the following:

Art Connection:

Make a doll out of a table leg, like Brangwen does in The Rainbow. No, just kidding!! Create a graphic novel style portrayal of the drowning scene in chapter 9 of The Rainbow. Your project should have at least ten cells, and should show Tom Brangwen coming home from Nottingham, the drowning, and the search. Use the dialogue from the book in your speech bubbles when you can. Use a ruler to divide your paper into cells.

History Connection:

Read this direct evidence that the Mines Commission collected in 1842 from people who worked in the mines. Then read D.H. Lawrence's essay on mining in Nottingham, based on his childhood memories. What strikes you as you compare and contrast these two essays? Was D.H. Lawrence just romanticizing the life of the miner? (A miner is a "collier.") Or is it that we see things differently, looking back from our modern time, when labor unions and government oversight have become commonplace? Write 250 words discussing the difference between the vision of the mines in the commission and the vision D.H. Lawrence gives us of a miner's life.

Futurist writer or Mumford & Sons bass player?
Writing Connection:

Look at E.M. Forster's essay, "What I Believe." Then read only the foreward to D.H. Lawrence's work of non-fiction, Fantasia of the Unconscious. Now write your own manifesto in the style of "What I Believe." You could choose to respond to something controversial, disturbing, or satisfying in either Forster's or Lawrence's ideas, or take off on your own tangent.


No quiz this week. Read as many "First Chapter Challenge" chapters as you can and fill in the form. The winner of this challenge will be rewarded on Tuesday. Also please take the extra time to develop your assignment of choice.

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