Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reading Period 35: May 14-20: Samuel Beckett


Waiting for Godot (Read online here: Act I and Act II)
Fizzle 1 and the biographical notes on Beckett in your textbook (p 898-902)
Animal Farm Chapters 1 and 2 (by George Orwell)

Choose two assignments this week!

Art Connection:

Create an illustration for the short story "Fizzle 1." Convey the theme and the idea of the story by adding words into your illustration, working them into the art. Choose words or phrases from the story itself that reflect the feeling you get from reading.

History Connection:

Beckett's plays are perhaps the most famous examples of minimalism in all of drama. The word minimalism can mean several different things, however. Search for information on "literary minimalism" and "lifestyle minimalism" and write a short essay disambiguating these two ideas. This means you'll need to define each one and say how they are different from each other.

Writing Connection:

Take a look at these still shots from various stagings of Beckett's play "Happy Days." Based only on the title and these photos, write a 250 word synopsis of the play as you imagine it. Who are the characters? What is the theme? What is the action? The resolution?


On chapters 1 and 2 of Animal Farm.

1. What is the first thing we find out about Farmer Jones?
2. What is special about Benjamin the donkey?
3. What friendly term does Major the boar use to address the other animals?
4. Which animals were the cleverest?
5. How does Orwell characterize Napoleon and Snowball?
6. What kinds of things is Molly the mare worried about?
7. What does the story of "Sugar Candy Mountain" remind you of?
8. What situation pushes the animals to launch the rebellion?
9. What is the most important rule in Animalism?
10. What do you think happened to the milk?

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