Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reading Period 40: June 18-24: Bernard Shaw


Bernard Shaw and Pygmalion in your textbook, pages 1004-1071.


Art Connection:

Create before and after portraits of Liza Doolittle before and after Higgins and Pickering work their transformation on her. What details of your portrait can communicate her social station?

History Connection:

Read about the Greek myth, Pygmalion and Galatea, on which Shaw's play is based. Write a short essay comparing and contrasting Liza to Galatea and Higgins to Pygmalion. How are they alike, and how are they different? Choose a form for your comparison -- A1B1 A2B2 or A1A2 B1B2, as discussed in class.

Writing Connection:

In the play, Pygmalion, Liza marries one person at the end, and her life proceeds in a complicated way, as detailed in the Epilogue. In the musical that was based on this play, "My Fair Lady," the ending is decidedly different. Watch the movie version of this musical, with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, and give your opinion on which is the better ending, and why? Why did the writers decide to change the ending?


Fill in the blanks:

1. Pygmalion is set in _______ during the early 1900's.
2. Freddy first meets Liza when he accidentally __________.
3. Henry Higgins is taking notes on people's _________.
4. Freddy's mother and sister order Freddy to go and __________.
5. Henry Higgins amuses bystanders by ____________.
6. Higgins tosses some ___________ to Liza.
7. After the rain stops, Liza decides to splurge on ___________.
8. Higgins and Pickering have long known each other by reputation because both ____________.
9. The first face-to-face meeting between Higgins and Pickering is when ____________.
10. Higgins makes a bet with Pickering that ____________.
11. Doolittle says that he has come to Higgins because _____________.
12. The real reason Doolittle shows up at Higgins' door is ___________.
13. Liza's first appearance in society is at _______________.
14. Mrs. Hill is rather shocked at Liza's conversation about ____________.
15. Higgins wins his bet when Liza ______________.

Bonus: Why does Higgins' Hungarian rival conclude that Liza is a Hungarian?

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