Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reading Period 7: Oct 8-14: Does the Whale's Magnitude Diminish?

Long Read:


Must Read: Ch 89, 91-99, 105-108
May Skip: Ch 90, 100-104

Short Read: 

The Bill of Rights: The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
Letters of George Washington during the Revolutionary War: Browse around this archive and read a few letters that look interesting to you, based on their titles.


Songs from the Revolutionary War 
Ignore the "Working in Groups" and "Working Individually" and just read the songs and their interpretations.
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Google Fu: 

The Bill of Rights is our name for the first ten amendments to the Constitution, but now we're up to 27 amendments! New amendments are unofficially proposed all the time. Search the internet and find two ideas that people have proposed for what the 28th amendment should be. They can be reasonable or crazy -- just see what you come up with. When you post this assignment, give a summary of each idea, whether you think it's reasonable or crazy, and the links to where you found the ideas.

Twitter Scholar:

If you search "British Bill of Rights" on Twitter, you'll see that a sort of Bill of Rights for Great Britain has recently been proposed by one of their political parties. Read through the Tweets that come up when you search, and decide whether the population of Twitter is in support of this idea or rejects it. Tweet your answer.

Creative Assignment:

Create a graphic novel / comic version of Stubb's encounter with the Guernsey-man and the captain of the Rosebud. Include as much about the setting as you can, including the whales alongside.


Write a response (at least 250 words) to Ishmael's questions at the end of "Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish." Is Ishmael correct in his assessment of what a Loose-Fish is? Are you a Fast-Fish or a Loose-Fish?


This week's assignment is to write your thesis statement, which should have a very specific form. See the page about the paper for further instructions.


1. Why is it hard to define what a fast-fish is?
2. From what country is the Rosebud?
3. Why did Stubb trick the Guernsey-man from the Rosebud?
4. What is ambergris used for?
5. Who falls overboard in "The Castaway"?
6. Define these terms: Slobgollion, gurry, and nippers.
7. What is being dissected in chapter 95, "The Cassock"?
8. What confusing thing happens to Ishmael in the chapter "The Try-works"?
9. Paraphrase the instruction/warning in the last three paragraphs of "The Try-works."
10. What part of the body does Stubb compare the doubloon to?

BONUS: Ahab asks the carpenter if he would rather work in clay. To what is this an allusion?

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