Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reading Period 8: Oct 15-21: Have I Been But Forging My Own Branding-Iron, Then?

Long Read: 


Must read: 109-118
No skipping this week!

Short Reads: 

"Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving
"The Devil and Daniel Walker" by Washington Irving


"Live Your Life" by Tecumseh
"Blind Curse" by Simon J. Ortiz
"The Gift Outright" by Robert Frost
"The Theft Outright" by Heid E. Erdrich

Google Fu:

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" has been adapted in many different versions for lots of different media. What if I wanted to create a list of all the film and television adaptations of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"? One way would be to find all the adaptations and create the list myself. Another way would be to see if anyone on the internet had already created a list of adaptations, and just link to that. Which is better? For this assignment, first find a blog post or article with a list of adaptations of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and post that link. Then find an adaptation (could be theater, music, tv, children's books, etc) that this article/post doesn't mention, and post that link.

Creative Assignment:

Imagine you fall asleep in the mountains for 20 years and then stumble back into your life. What changes may have taken place? Create a one page comic (can be one panel or many panels) where you show the world 20 years in the future. Make sure you show at least one personal change (what will your family look like 20 years from now?), one technological change (an advancement in science), and one political change (RVW missed the American Revolution while he slept -- what major political upheaval might you miss if you took a 20 year nap?).


Write a short letter to Pixar, the creators of "Finding Nemo," letting them know that we've figured out their source material for the shark support group is Fleece's sermon to the sharks in Moby-Dick. Use specific comparisons and make your case that "the shark well-governed" is straight outta Melville.


In class we discussed a number of Revolutionary War songs and you took notes on your paper copy of the songs. Write a short essay (250 words or one page) comparing two of the songs we discussed. You can compare them on content, on who the speaker is, on the occasion of the song, or when it would be sung, on the meter, or any other point of comparison.

Twitter Scholar:

Tweet your thoughts about your reading in Moby-Dick this week. Include three hashtags in your tweet.


This week your assignment is to collect your sources. In class we discussed developing your research questions -- make sure you have a clear idea what answers you need, before you go looking! You can post your list of sources to the Google+ Community (at least 4 sources) and also comment on other students' sources.


1. What are Ahab and Starbuck in disagreement about, and who wins the argument, in chapter 109?
2. How does Queequeg get sick?
3. With what pattern does Queequeg decorate his coffin?
4. What poem that we read this semester are you reminded of in the second paragraph of chapter 111, "The Pacific"?
5. Chapter 112 gives a history of the ship's blacksmith. What was the "desperate burglar" that robbed his family of everything?
6. Who forges Ahab's harpoon?
7. The imagery in "The Gilder" compares the sea to what?
8. The Bachelor is a lucky ship full of good humor. When the captain invites Ahab to come aboard, he says, "Thou art too damned jolly. Sail on." What previous situation in the novel does this remind you of?
9. Fedallah (the Parsee) makes a prophecy in chapter 117. Ahab must see two hearses on the sea, and only help can kill him. What Shakespeare play do these prophesies remind you of, and what were the prophesies in that play?
10. What happens to the compass in chapter 118?

BONUS: Reread the ending of chapter 116. What lesson does Ahab learn from the behavior of the dying whale? Paraphrase those last four paragraphs.

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