Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reading Period 26: April 29 - May 5: Inside the House Lived a Malevolent Phantom

Long Read:

To Kill a Mockingbird, chapters 1-8

Short Read:

"Trifles" by Susan Glaspell, AIAL p. 940-949


California Poets (from 4/28)

Charles Bukowski
"comments on my last book of poesy"
"so you want to be a writer"

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
"Constantly Risking Absurdity #15"

Cultural Poetry (for 5/5)

Gwendolyn Brooks
"a song in the front yard"
"the mother"

Carolyn Kizer

Maya Angelou
"Caged Bird"
"Still I Rise"

For your assignments this week, please choose a #1 and a #2. In other words, one of your assignments must be about the short play "Trifles."

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Creative Assignment:

Read Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "Autobiography," which we did not get to in class. Also recall Ginnsberg's "Howl" and Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself." Write a poem entitled "Autobiography" in which each line begins with "I have" or "I saw" or "I am" or other verbs. Borrow Ferlinghetti's repetitive style, and write your poem to express who you are, as an individual and as part of a larger group -- of Americans, of teenagers, of students, of Virginians, of women/men, etc. Ferlinghetti defines his autobiography in terms of what he has done, what he has seen, and the things he has. Who are you?


Do the same as above, but from the point of view of Mrs. Wright in the play "Trifles." What things define her? What activities? Who is she? Write her "Autobiography" poem.

Writing Assignment:

Write a 300 word essay about Scout's school experience based on the first 8 chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird. Was school damaging for her? Would she have been better off homeschooled? This time I want you to examine BOTH sides of the question. Use specific examples from the novel to illustrate your arguments. First, how was Scout affected negatively by school? How would things have been better for her, had she stayed at home? Then take the other side of the argument and say what positive effect school had on her, and what experiences and learning opportunities she might have missed if she hadn't gone to school.


From a stage production of "Trifles."
Create two short profiles for the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Wright from the play "Trifles." They never appear on screen, but the other characters give us a lot of information about them nevertheless. Use specific information from the play to create your profiles, which should each be at least 150 words long.


Because we are extending the semester a little bit (we will have our last set of assignments on May 20, due May 25) I am extending the deadline on the paper a little bit. So final drafts will be due May 11, instead of May 4. Enjoy your luxurious extension.


The quiz is over chapters 1-8 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

1. Describe Jem and Scout's father Atticus. What does he do for a living and what is he like?
2. Describe Dill. What is his personality, and how does he affect Jem and Scout?
3. How do the children incorporate books into their play?
4. Why does Scout get into trouble at school?
5. Why is Boo Radley such a mystery to the children?
6. Scout describes Boo Radley's appearance and habits, but she's going on local legend for her facts. Give me three things about Boo Radley that you suspect might be untrue.
7. What transaction is carried out via the hole in the tree?
8. What happens to the hole in the tree and why?
9. What unusual thing happens to Alabama in chapter 8?
10. How does Boo Radley reach out to the children during the fire?

BONUS: Find a Walt Whitman reference in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem "Autobiography."

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