Sunday, July 26, 2015

Poetry, Geography, and Writing: Argentina

Jujuy, Argentina. Photo Credit: Abel Jorge
Warm Up Activity: 

Watch these three videos. This will take about 30 minutes, and can be assigned in advance.

1. Coming Home: Argentina

2. "Go or No?" Review of Buenos Aires

3. Argentina Travel and Tourism Video

Discussion questions:
What audience is each of these videos trying to reach?
In each video, name one specific bit of info you don't get from the others.
Which video is most realistic?
Which video tells a story?
Which video is the most fast-paced?
Which video has the best visuals?
Given all of the elements, and thinking only of your personal preference, which do you like best?
Which do you think would be the most effective in attracting people to visit Argentina?
What type of people do you think would be most attracted to "Go or No?"
What type of people do you think would be most attracted to the Argentina Travel and Tourism video?
If you were to advertise a country as a destination, what would you focus on?

Geography Review

In World Geography Daily Skill Builders, do exercises 47-50.

Six things to know about Argentina

1. Buenos Aires Image 1 Image 2

2. Patagonia was named because Ferdinand Magellan reported giants called Patagons.
          Map of Patagonia
     Aconcagua is the highest peak in the world outside Asia.
     Cuevo de los Manos is a 8000 year old cave with cave paintings

3. History

Spanish colony
Independence in 1810
19th century: A century of rising power and economy, one of top ten economies in the world
Decline in 20th century

4. Eva Peron
     Of course they should watch the movie Evita, but they also should probably visit's page on Eva Peron. And then sing this.

5. Gauchos and the Argentine beef industry.



Read this article about gauchesque poetry and discuss, then read the first section of the poem "MARTÍN FIERRO THE GAUCHO" found here with notes.


Time: 20 minutes
Length: 1 page

Write a short essay comparing and contrasting two of the videos we watched for today. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about the structure of your paper. Remember you can either write about two elements of the first video, and then the same two elements in the second video, or you can write about one element in both videos, and then the second element in both videos. The body of your paper may look like AABB or ABAB. You'll also need a conclusion: save your opinion of which video is more effective for that final paragraph.

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