Friday, July 24, 2015

Poetry, Writing, and Geography: Mexico

This way to Mexico.
Photo Credit: Geraint Rowland
Geography Skills

Climate zone map.
Check out this interactive climate zone map from NOAA.
Climate and People: Do activities 13, 14, 17, 18 in World Geography Daily Skill Builders.

State Capital Review

Do activities 20 and 22 in World Geography Daily Skill Builders.
Practice calling out state when teacher says capital, or calling out capital when teacher says state, while using markers to color Day of the Dead masks.

Six Things to Know About Mexico

1. Climate zones and the Tropic of Cancer

2. Baha California Peninsula and Yucatan Peninsula

3. River Grande

4. Olmec and Toltec
   The main thing to know about the Olmec is the giant head shape of their sculptures. The Toltec too are mostly noted for the stone artifacts. Illustrations of these can be found online.

5. Aztec and Mayan
   There is so much to say about the Aztec and Mayan culture that was and is in Mexico. I'm not going to go into all of it here but we did a fairly extensive, illustrated discussion of the history here. A good place to start is the History Channel site.

5. Day of the Dead
    Here's a good site with lots of good illustrations. Coloring pages to be used in conjunction with memory work: image image Coloring helps your brain remember state capitals. That's just science.


The Bridge” by Octavio Paz
Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane


Time: 20 Minutes
Length: One page

Often manmade or natural geographical elements are used as metaphors. In this poem, a bridge is a connection. What other geographical elements can be used as metaphors? Write a short essay titled “A Mountain is a ____” or “A River is a __________” or “A Skyscraper is a_____” extending a metaphor.

Prewriting thinking phase:

Think of three different metaphors for life that you might write about.

Life is a _________________________

Life is a _________________________

Life is a _________________________

Now pick one of these and think of three points of comparisons, or reasons that life is like the geographical elements that you chose.


Those three elements will become three short paragraphs in your essay. Remember to create a clear introduction and save something interesting for the conclusion, to take your reader to a new place.

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