Monday, September 21, 2015

Reading Period 3: September 22 - 28: Korea

Class meeting: September 28
Due date: September 27, 7pm

Long Read:

The Brothers Karamazov, Books 5-6

Short Read:

Four Korean Folk Tales by Susan Crowder Han


Ten Poems of the Joseon Dynasty.

Creative Assignment:

Choose one!

There ya go. Recipe done.
In Book 5, Chapter 3, Alyosha and Ivan eat fish soup, tea, and cherry preserve. Russian fish soup is called uhka, and there are many variations and recipes. Create your own menu for this meal, and serve it to yourself or others. You can interpret ukha and cherry preserve however you like, but do take pictures, show your recipes, and post to the Google+ community.


This section references three Bible stories: Cain, Joseph, and Job. Read all three of these stories in the bible, using this index to find them. Create a mash-up comic that uses characters from each one. How would Joseph react to Cain? How would Cain feel about Job's problems? Think about the role of brotherhood in each of these stories, and the role of suffering inflicted by god and suffering inflicted by men, and see what you can come up with when they all meet. Maybe they're all doing their laundry. Maybe they're all trying to order a pizza.


If you are not reading The Brothers Karamazov: What is K-Pop? Choose a music video that perfectly exemplifies K-pop music, and link to it, explaining what K-Pop is and why this song/video is a good example. For bonus points, dress yourself (and your friends?) as K-Pop stars, and take a photo.

Writing Assignment:

Choose one!

Voltaire is the "old sinner" that Ivan references in Book 5, chapter 3. He is quoted as saying this: ": "Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer" ("If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him"). This quote came from Voltaire's letter to the author of a book called The Three Impostors, which was a critique of religion. Read Voltaire's letter here. It's in French but you can scroll down for the English translation (or have a look at the French, if you're in French class!). Now pretend that you are friends with the author of The Three Impostors. He comes over to your house, holding this letter in his hand, and he just doesn't understand! Does Voltaire believe in God or doesn't he? Is he for religion or against it? It's too difficult to figure out what Voltaire is saying! In a short essay (250 words) paraphrase Voltaire's argument in this letter, for your friend the atheist. You can go paragraph by paragraph and put the letter into your own words, or you can take the idea and run with it, capturing the essense of the argument.


These Korean train tracks meet in infinity.
Ivan talks about parallel lines possibly meeting somewhere in infinity, a reference to the writings of Nikolai Lobachevsky, a Russian mathematician. Write a short essay in which you answer the following questions: Why has no one been able to prove Euclid's fifth axiom? What did Lobachevsky publish in his Imaginary Geometry and what impact did it have on Einstein's work? What is hyperbolic geometry and who is Bernhard Riemann?


If you are not reading The Brothers Karamazov, write a short essay answering this question: Why is Korea divided into North Korea and South Korea? When did the division happen and what foreign countries controlled and supported which side?  Make sure you use quotation marks for direct quotes from your source, and list the sites where you learned about it, if you didn't already know.

What a hussar looks like.

This quiz covers The Brothers Karamazov books 5 and 6. Remember you can use your book to help you answer these questions, arranged by book and chapter. Send me an email with your answers!

1. Why does Alyosha want to marry Lise?
2. In the garden of his father's neighbor, Alyosha disturbs a man singing to a woman. Who is the man and who is the woman?
3. Fill in the blank: Ivan says he does accept _____ but he does not accept _______.
4. Ivan can understand the need for suffering, but whose suffering can he not understand?
5. Who is the prisoner in Ivan's tale, The Grand Inquisitor?
6.     a. What medical condition does Smerdyakov reveal he suffers from?
        b. What secret signal did Smerdyakov tell Dmitri?
7. Where is Ivan headed, in the morning, and where does Fyodor Pavlovich want him to go instead? Which place does he end up going?

1. Which brother does Father Zossima want Alyosha to seek out, to prevent something terrible from happening?
2.     a. Give one example of an enlightened idea that came to Father Zossima's brother when he was dying.
        b. What was the outcome of the duel, and why?
        c. How did Father Zossima's "mysterious visitor" confess his crime?
3.     a. List one example of how life in the monastery is liberating and free.
        b. Give an example of Father Zossima's advice for life.
        c. What is hell? Give Father Zossima's answer.
(15 questions in all)

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