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Reading Period 6: October 13 - 19: Philippines / Indonesia

Alas Smerdyakov. You were a jerk.
Class meeting: October 19
Due date: October 18, 7pm

Long Read:

The Brothers Karamazov, Book 11.

Short Read:

"The Summer Solstice" by Nick Joaquin

Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín is a literary hero from the Philippines, writing in English. This is one of his iconic stories, published just after World War II.


Rizal's execution.
"Mi Último Adiós" by Jose Rizal

Scroll down to see a side by side translation of this poem, written days before Rizal's execution, in Spanish, English, and Tagalog. Take a quick peak at Rizal's biography to see why he was shot by the Spanish.

Creative Assignment:

Illustrate the scene in "The Summer Solstice" when the parade of women comes down the street during the Feast of John the Baptist. What do the women look like and what does the statue look like? Try to capture the feeling in the scene that lead Don Paeng to feel angry.


Philippine poet Jose Rizal created a sculpture called "The Power of Science Over Death." He spent much of his life speaking against the Catholic church and the Jesuits, as they had a hand in colonizing and oppressing the Philippines with the Spanish government. It is rumored that he retracted his anti-Catholic sentiments on the eve of his execution, and got officially married, and was blessed by a priest. After reading about Rizal and his rejection of Catholocism (and his questionable retraction of said rejection), create your own piece of art with this title. It can be a sculpture, a drawing, a collage, or a digital work -- whatever works to express the theme of the title in your own way.


Pretend you are going to be executed for your political resistance to the oppressive regime under which you live. Write a poem titled "My Final Goodbye."

Writing Assignment:

Research and read about this week's poet, Philippine author Jose Rizal. He has been called the Philippine Joan of Arc for his against the Spanish colonial government. Write a 300 word essay summarizing his biography.


Write a eulogy to be spoken at Smerdyakov's funeral. Remember not to speak ill of the dead. In your eulogy, try to defend the position that his suicide was not his fault -- it was everyone else's fault.


Your long writing assignment this semester will be a personal essay. You will write on the topic of family identity and personal individuality, in the context of the Karamazov brothers and the character archetypes we have been discussing. In your paper, you'll define your own family's collective character, and also your identity within the family and as an individual. This will be a great way for you to use the insights we've been gaining on The Brothers Karamazov, and also good practice for writing college or award essays. We will also be submitting your final drafts to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in the Personal Essay category. Take a look at some of the other categories (there are art categories too) to see if any others interest you.

On Monday, you'll turn in your thesis statement. "We are _____. I am ______." Read this example of a similar personal essay to inspire you.

Due dates:

Thesis Statement: October 19
Outline Draft: October 26
Outline Revision: November 9
First Draft: November 23
Peer Revision: November 30
Final Draft: December 14

Comic by Anne Emond


The quiz covers The Brothers Karamazov, Book 11.

1. What change does Alyosha notice in Grushenka?
2. Why is Madame Khokhlakova upset about the article in the St. Petersburg Tattler?
3. Who is the man that Lise called to come visit her so she could tell him about the pineapple compote and the tortured boy? He laughed at her...
4. a. Why does Dmitri feel sorry for God?
    b. What is the big secret Dmitri tells Alyosha?
5. What was in Lise's note to Ivan, judging from his reaction?
6. What does Ivan accuse Smerdyakov of faking?
7. a. Of what is Smerdyakov accusing Ivan? He doesn't accuse Ivan of actually killing Fyodor Pavlovich but of what?
    b. What does Ivan conclude after he reads Dmitri's letter to Katya?
8. What does Smerdyakov confess to Ivan and what is his physical proof?
9. Who is Ivan's visitor and why does he appear?
10. What does Alyosha believe has driven Ivan crazy?

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