Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading Period 7: October 20 - 26: Malaysia / Singapore

What? You finished my novel? But it was so long!
Class meeting: October 26
Due date: October 25, 7pm

Long Read:

The Brothers Karamazov, Book 12 and the Epilogue: The end!

There is no short read this week. Work on filling out your Novel Autopsy Report for The Brothers Karamazov and bring it to class on Monday with any questions or empty spaces you have. We'll work on filling in the rest of it in class, but you will be turning it in at the end of class for me to look at and grade, so please get as much done as you can at home. Another link to the blank form:

Novel Autopsy Report


"Unggun Bersih" by A Samad Said. Click here to read an article about this poem and poet, and here to read the poem in Malay.

Creative Assignment:

In your Novel Autopsy Report you're asked to make a list of significant objects in the novel. Illustrate this list in a collage, using any medium -- drawing, painting, color, etc. Include at least 5 objects in your illustration.


Take a look at a few Malaysian bloggers. Here's a list to get you started:

Kenny Sia
Kit Siang
Jane Chuck

Consider all the different reasons people blog: personal diaries, parenthood, fashion, food reviews and recipes, movies and technology -- pretty much anything people want to talk about or share opinions about. Now think of a blog you'd like to write. To complete this assignment, you'll need a title, a description of your blog, and a list of five post titles.

Writing Assignment:

Until fifty years ago, Singapore was an undeveloped island, a former outpost of the British Empire. Watch this video about modern Singapore. Write 300 words about the city state of Singapore, highlighting at least three things that make Singapore a unique place in the world. You may want to mention the rapid urbanization, the drinking water, and Palau Ubin. In your conclusion, tell whether you'd want to live in Singapore.


Write 300 words giving your opinion: Who killed Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov? Consider the suspects presented at the trial, but also consider oher people in the novel who may have had some responsibility in the crime. I will accept any answer, including an accusation that you or I killed him, as long as it's argued reasonably.


This quiz is over book 12  and the Epilogue of The Brothers Karamazov.

Book 12: 
1. Of whom did Mitya say "He was a dog and he died like a dog!"
2. How does the lawyer discredit Ratikin's testimony?
3. What did the doctor buy for Mitya when he was a child?
4. What proof does Alyosha have that Dmitri is not lying?
5. a. What physical evidence does Ivan present?
    b. What physical evidence does Katya present?
6. What does the prosecutor say the REAL Dmitri Karamazov would have done with the money sewed up in the bag?
7. How does the prosecutor combat the argument that Dmitri wrote the suspicious letter when he was drunk?
8. Tell three words the prosecutor uses to describe Smerdyakov.
9. What does the prosecutor say that Mitya's plan was, when he was on the way to Mokroye to see Grushenka?
10. The prosecutor said that Dmitri ran back to Grigory to see whether he was alive or dead, but why does the defense attorney say he ran back?
11. According to the defense attorney, who is the only person who ever saw Fyodor Pavlovich's money stash?
12. Who does the defense attorney suggest is the real murderer?
13. What does the defense attorney say will happen if the jury acquits Dmitri?
14. What is the verdict?

1. What is Alyosha trying to get Katya to do?
2. From who does Katya beg forgiveness while visiting Mitya?
3. What does Alyosha tell the children is the highest and strongest thing, the most wholesome and important thing for their lives in the future?

BONUS: What do you think? Isn't it kind of cool how Alyosha gets to end the book?

Uh, not that Alyosha.

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