Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reading Period 30: May 26-June 1: Thank You For My Children

Hey Boo.
Long Read: 

To Kill a Mockingbird, chapters 26-31

Short Read:

In lieu of reading something new, please go back through your textbook and notes, and all the blog posts, and take a look at all the short pieces we have read over the course of the year. Try to physically lay eyes on the text of each one and think back to it for a few seconds. You'll be doing the same for poetry, so read the next part of this post before you go all the way back to September.


Now go back and look at all the poems we read. Even if you just flip through the blog posts one by one and read the titles of the work, try to put your mind back and remember each separate one, and what it looked like on the page where you read it, in order, from the beginning.

Creative Assignments: 

America stuff YAY!
Create a collage of images from the poems and stories and novels we've read, by way of a visual review sheet. These can be hand drawn or painted, or cut from magazines, or printed from online sources. You can even create a Pinterest board of different images from web sites, or make a Prezi presentation of different quotes and images. In some way, the pictures should be collected together in a way that puts them adjacent to each other, to create something you can look at.


Create a collage of phrases and words from the poems and stories and novels we've read. You can represent them in handwriting or typed printed text, or a mixture of both. Choose important words that are recognizably connected to specific words, like "phony" or "mockingbird" or "swimming pool" but also try choosing some words that connect with many different things we read, like liberty or love or judgment or land, etc.

Writing Assignments:

Scout encounters a school assignment called "Current Events" in which students have to bring in clippings from newspapers and talk about them in class. Thinking as a teacher, write a 250 word essay about this assignment. What are the potential problems with this assignment, and what are the potential benefits? How would you give the assignment, to lead to the most productive results? Do you think this is a good way to spend a student's time, or would you skip this exercise?


Scout asks Atticus about the NRA (National Recovery Act) stickers and wonders why people are taking them off their windows. Atticus explains that the National Recovery Act is dead and that nine old men killed it. Explain what Atticus meant by this in a 250 word essay. You can look at the document and read about it and its history here.


1. What inconsistency does Scout notice in Miss Gates' attitude toward oppressed people?
2. Who stuck up for Helen Robinson to get Ewell to stop harrassing her?
3. Tell me three things about Tutti and Frutti Barber.
4. Why did Scout have to wear a ham costume to the pageant? What did it represent?
5. Why did Scout miss her cue to come onstage?
6. Who attacked the children?
7. Who protected the children against the attacker?
8. Why do they take Boo Radley to the porch instead of the living room?
9. Atticus wants Jem to take the blame for killing Bob Ewell. Why does he say it's so important that it be out in the open?
10. Why does Heck Tate insist that Bob Ewell fell on his knife?

Bonus: Two instances of foreshadowing come into play in this section. The first foreshadowing is Cecil jumping out at the kids from behind the tree. The second foreshadowing is the story about Boo Radley stabbing his brother with a scissors. Which two bigger, more dramatic events are foreshadowed by these smaller, less serious events?