Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer History

To get geared up for British Literature, we're going to catch up a bit with British History, during the period between the Romans and the Norman Conquest. This assignment, do be done over three weeks, involves approximately 100 pages in The Story of Britain by Rebecca Fraser, and approximately 100 questions, each corresponding to a page number. Here are the three assignments, linked to the question sets, and the due dates:

Due Friday, Aug 19, 7pm

The Anglo-Saxons Ethelbert of Kent to the Viking Invasions
Due Friday, Aug 26, 7pm

Due Friday, Sept 2, 7pm

Remember, if you get stuck, that the number of the question corresponds with the page number! You'll find your answer there. 

On Friday, Sept 2, you'll be officially in your first reading period for the term, and from there on, we'll be sometimes reading a section of The Story of Britain and sometimes doing another historical assignment. The work we do in this class, combined with our research essay in fall semester, and last year's historical studies, or augmented by some extra work (videos, books, etc) to be determined by your parents, will count as a history credit as well as a literature credit. 

Submit your answers by copying and pasting into an email to me the questions themselves and also your answers.