Saturday, September 24, 2016

King Arthur Restaged

One option for the creative assignment in Reading Period 3 was to read about the 19th century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, and the illustrator Gustave Dore, and study the photographs and drawings that illustrated Tennyson's collection of poetry, Idylls of the King. The assignment then asked that students create an illustration of their own, or recreate a photograph. Here are the results.

The death of Elaine:

Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1860s

Petra with an assist from Jayson

Here are some interpretations of the excerpt from Morte D'Arthur by Thomas Mallory, when Arthur gets his sword Excalibur: 

Illustration by Alfred Kappes, 1880


Sarah and Carrie collaboration.

Martina with charcoal.
Gerry with Lego.

Benny with Zelda sword.

Sarah utilizing weather conditions.

Jasper portraying Arthur wearing a paper crown, pulling a Nerf sword out of a sink full of water, while sporting a booty tooch with duckface.

My students make me so happy.