Friday, March 24, 2017

Reading Period 22: March 24-30: 1984

Long Read: 

1984 by George Orwell, Part 2 chapters 1-7.

Creative assignments: 

Write two poems, both in Newspeak. The first one should be a longer one about the need or lack of need for poetry in Newspeak. The second one should be the shortest possible poem you could write in Newspeak. You can write more than two if you like.


In the book, instead of personal correspondence, characters use a checklist of possible things they might want to say, and just mark the appropriate boxes. Create a checklist for personal correspondence, in which you attempt to include, for convenience, anything you could possibly want to say to another person, with a handy checkbox beside it. If you want, you can turn this into a Google Form, so that other people can direct their correspondence to you via the form.

Writing Assignment:

In 1984, food and drink are important motifs and symbols. Write a literary essay of 500 words in which you explain Orwell's use of food and drink as motifs to illustrate his plot and deepen the reader's understanding of his ideas. You could write about gin, beer, coffee, wine, chocolate, and stew. What is Victory Gin? What is the significance of the coffee that Julia brings to the hidden room? To whom does flavor belong? Why is it so important that all of them get their alcohol?


Settings are an important part of 1984 as Orwell uses the characters' surroundings to build meanings and illustrate relationships. Write a literary essay of 500 words in which you explain Orwell's use of settings to show Winston and Julia's state of mind and situation. One way to do it would be to compare Winston's apartment with the room over the junk shop. How are they similar and different? How are behaviors and relationships formed or dictated by the settings in these two locations? You could also compare the buildings that belong to the Party with the areas that are mostly inhabited by proles.


1. What was written in Julia's message to Winston?
2. As Winston and Julia are watching the prisoners, how do they manage to touch?
3. How many times before has Julia met up with a man in the outdoor hiding place?
4. What did Winston think of doing to Katharine when they were out on a hike and she was looking at flowers?
5. What is the name of the machine that composes songs?
6. What animal is Winston particularly afraid of?
7. What is Julia's opinion about the war?
8. What does O'Brien write down for Winston in front of the telescreen?
9. What was the last thing Winston did before his mother disappeared?
10. What does Julia believe is the one thing the party can't do?

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